Game Turbo Features – How Game Turbo Enhances Your Games

Game Turbo to say simply is a powerful, but easy-to-use game optimizer and a utility app for your Android. Normally when we are playing games our Android mobile will face some performance issues like faster battery draining, weak internet connection, freezing, and slowness of the device. But if you have the game Turbo with you it lets you enjoy the best gaming experience ever.

game turbo features

The app manages your device resources efficiently and effectively. Ultimately this will provide you with the best uninterrupted gaming from your Android mobile or tab. Normally Game Turbo comes as a built-in app on Xiaomi devices. But still, you can download this nice tool on your Android too.

Here included are some of the key features of the App Game Turbo you would like to know.

Features of Game Turbo

Optimizing the performance of the gameplay

This is the specialty of Game Turbo. If you have Game Turbo with you then nothing to worry about the device performance. Play your favorite game without any issues thanks to the performance-optimizing feature of Game Turbo. The app has the ability to use device resources like RAM, CPU, etc, very efficiently by optimizing your device performance. It can identify and hibernate all the unnecessary apps running in the background to make your device run faster.

Moreover, some Game Turbo versions include the performance mode feature. This feature lets you choose the best performance mode based on your gaming preferences. Game Turbo surely provides the opportunity for you to experience continuous and exciting gameplay without any disturbances thanks to its optimizing features.

Network acceleration and ping monitoring

Network acceleration mode is another great feature of Game Turbo. Here the app can boost your network connection for better performance. This is based on the ping value which is appearing on the screen while playing the game. Based on the ping value you can select the best internet connection if you have several WiFi and internet connections.

Ping value is a number representing the time taken to travel data from your device to the server. And from the server to the device. If the ping value is a higher number that means the connection is slow. If it is a lesser value then the connection is fast. You can change your connection for better performance based on this value.

Floating Window Mode

If you want to chat with your friend while playing the game then you are allowed to do so with Game Turbo. The floating window feature of the app helps you to do several tasks together. You can see the other apps you want to use on a small screen on the gaming interface.

Do not disturb mode

Do not disturb mode is also another nice feature included in Game Turbo. With this feature, you surely can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. This provides you the opportunity to focus only on your gameplay by blocking notifications, calls, etc.

Manage background apps

To make your device perform more on your gameplay you can stop all the other unwanted apps running in the background. Normally these background running apps also consume your device’s RAM, CPU, battery, etc. If you hibernate these apps then the device can engage more on your gameplay giving the best for you. But if you want you can make these apps run in the background for easy access.

Easy access to games

With Game Turbo on your device, you do not have to search here and there for the games on your device. Once you downloaded and installed Game Turbo you can see all your downloaded games inside this cool app. Just tap on the game you want and play. Accessing games is a faster and an easy process with Game Turbo.

Real-time performance analysis

Game Turbo can show all the performance parameters in real time while playing. It is helpful to analyze the issues and causes of the issues you will face while playing the game. Here this allows you to take the necessary actions to overcome the problem instantly.

Game Turbo Controllers

Adjusting to device heat

Heating the device while playing games is a common issue you will face. With Game Turbo you don’t have to worry about the device heating anymore. Because the Game Turbo Controllers can cool down your device suddenly to make your device perform at its optimal level.

Touch sensitivity

When playing games or doing any other work on Android devices accidental touches happen frequently. If accidental touches happen when playing a game, it can ruin your game. So, to prevent that you can use Game Turbo. The Game Turbo Controllers can adjust the touch sensitivity of the device when playing. This feature will guarantee a gaming experience that is a stress-free and smooth one.

Voice Changer

This is one of the features that most users love. Here this voice changer mode allows you to change the voice of the game. There are about five voices you can choose. This feature is solely to make your gaming journey a more exciting and refreshing one.

FPS Tracker

FPS (Frames Per Second) value appearing on the gaming screen helps you to have a clear idea about the gameplay quality. If the FPS value is a higher one then you can continue your gameplay without any issues. But if this value is lower, then sometimes you may face some issues like gameplay freezing and closing. To overcome this, you can adjust the features like video resolution and texture quality.

Haptic Feedback

This is also another feature included in Game Turbo to make your gameplay interesting and exciting. When you touch your screen, the device will vibrate a little allowing you to feel the realistic nature of the gameplay.
Record and take screenshots of the gameplay

If you want to share your gaming experience with others or if you are a content creator then this feature is really helpful. You can record your gameplay easily with one tap and also this lets you take screenshots of the game.

Easy and clean interface

Game Turbo has a simple and clean interface. Even a beginner can understand and use the app very easily and quickly. With a few clicks you can get your work done with Game Turbo.

If you also want to take your gaming journey to the next level Game Turbo is one of the best game-optimizing apps to have in your Android. You can download this nice game booster app very easily and freely. Game Turbo will surely help you to have the best gaming experience without a high-end gaming console right from your Android mobile. So, try this nice and powerful game optimizer now on your Android too.

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