Game Turbo APK 1.1.7 Download | Game Booster [10MB]

Game Turbo is a game booster and a utility app to have on your Android smartphones or tablets. The app guarantees an optimized performance of your device while playing your favorite game. This lets you enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without any slowness of the device. Normally this app comes as a built-in app on Xiaomi mobiles. Simply Game Turbo is a game optimizer for your smartphones and tablets. While using the resources of the device optimally it provides you the best gaming experience.

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This provides you with all the necessary parameters to understand the performance of your device while playing the game. It provides awareness of how your device performs for various types of games. Hence this helps you adjust your settings to have a smooth gaming experience while utilizing your resources optimally.

Game Turbo Download

APP NameGame Turbo
Latest version1.1.7
APK Size10MB

Features of Game Turbo

Optimizing the gameplay performance

The app is well-known for its ability to enhance the performance of the gameplay. That means the app can utilize the resources of the device like CPU, RAM, etc. in an optimum way providing you with a continuous and easy gaming experience. If you have Game Turbo with you then you do not have to face any issues like slow devices.

Manage the apps running in the background

Game Turbo lets you manage all your apps running in the background to provide you with the best gaming experience. If you want an easy and faster gaming experience then you can halt the background running apps from using your CPU and RAM to make your device more performing on the gameplay.

Know your device performance in real-time

If you want to explore the device performance while playing your favorite gameplay. You can open a separate panel to monitor the performance of the device while playing. This will work together with your gameplay providing you the ability to understand the performance of the device when playing the game. You can know any issue you will face instantly with the help of this feature.

Easy game access

If you have Game Turbo with you no need to search throughout the device to find your favorite game. In Game Turbo all the games you have downloaded are gathered in one place. Whenever you want to play a game, open Game Turbo and tap on the game you want to play. It is a very easy and quick process. You can find all the games in one place.

Game turbo controllers

What to do if your phone gets heated or slow when playing. If you have Game Turbo with you then there is nothing to worry about. The game turbo controllers can cool down your device instantly. The app can identify more resource-draining apps that run in the background and suggest you shut them down. This will finally reduce the heat of the device and will manage the resources in an optimum way.

Adjust the touch sensitivity

As well as these Turbo Game Controllers let you adjust the touch sensitivity as well. That means this can prevent any unwanted and accidental screen touches from affecting your gameplay. These features surely help you have the coolest gaming experience right from your mobile.

Know your connection speed with the ping monitoring feature

If you have several internet and Wi-Fi connections this feature is really helpful. You can see the Ping value on your gaming interface while playing your game. This ping value is a number that shows the time taken to move your data of the game from your device to the server and back to the device. If you have a high ping value displayed that means the time taken for the data travel is higher. This gives the idea that the internet connection is not strong. Hence, depending on this ping value you can choose the best internet or Wi-Fi connection to play the game.

FPS tracker feature

This feature helps you identify the closing and freezing issues while playing your game. The FPS value is a value showcasing the Frames Per Second. You can see a number showing this FPS value while playing. If you have a high value, it means you are good to go. But if it shows a low value then it means that the gameplay will freeze. Here you can adjust this problem by adjusting the video resolution and the texture quality.

Floating Window Feature

The floating window feature lets you multitask while playing your game. If you want to use message apps while playing this feature allows you to do so. The other apps will be visible in another small screen on your gameplay interface.

Do not disturb feature

This feature lets you block any interrupted calls, messages, and other notifications making you fully engaged in the gameplay.

Record your screen and take screenshots

This is another cool feature of the app. This feature allows you to take screenshots and also to record your gaming screen to share with your friends.

Change your voice

This is a super cool feature offered by Game Turbo. Here you can change your voice to a male voice, female voice, robot, and many more others just for your fun.

How to install Game Turbo Apk

Before downloading and installing the Game Turbo Apk you have to enable installation from unknown sources on your Android device settings.

  1. To download Game Turbo Apk visit the official website of the Game Turbo or any other trusted third-party source.
  2. Locate the download link for downloading Game Turbo Apk.
  3. Click on that. The Apk file will be downloaded.
  4. Then visit the file manager of the device, find the Apk file, and install it.
  5. After the installation is completed, you can add games you like to the app and enjoy playing.

How to use Game Turbo

Adding games to Game Turbo

You can add any game you like by simply tapping on the ‘+’ mark at the top right of the app interface.

Play your game using one tap

Once you open the App you can see cards for each game you have installed in the app. Just tap on the needed card and begin your gameplay.

General settings of the app

  • Using these general settings features you can select the orientation of the home page.
  • As well you can either turn on or turn off the app shortcuts.

Settings under Performance mode

  • Using these features you can add memory exceptions.
  • If you want you can either turn on or turn off the performance optimization feature. This feature helps you to maintain the device performance at an optimal level without letting the device heat.
  • Also, this includes other optimizing features for network settings as well.
  • Plus, here you can change the touch sensitivity settings and audio settings.

DND settings

  • These settings allow you to turn on or turn off the feature to answer calls hands-free.
  • Under the enhanced experience settings, you can turn off auto-brightness, turn off reading mode, restrict screenshot gestures, and not open the notification shade feature.

Additional settings

Under this, you can change some settings for separate games like touch response and touch resistant area, etc.

Other features

  • In addition to the above-mentioned features Game Turbo also includes some cool features like:
  • Memory clearing and storage clearing to boost the device.
  • Take screenshots, record video, voice changer, timer, DND, and other settings.

Safety and legality of Game Turbo

Normally there are no safety and legal issues connected with Game Turbo. As it is an optimizer that optimizes your device when playing games there are no specific safety threats here.

But as this Game Turbo is not available there in devices other than Xiaomi you have to download the game from any other trusted source including Game Turbo Apk. So, here you have to be careful about the source you are going to use, it should be a trusted and safer one.

The app is there to optimize the performance only. It does not make any changes to the gameplay itself. Hence there are no legality issues with Game Turbo.

Pros and cons of Game Turbo

Pros of Game Turbo

  • The app is user-friendly with a simple and clean interface.
  • Easy access to your preferred gameplay.
  • It optimizes the device’s performance when playing games.
  • If you want you can enable do not disturb mode to be free from interrupting calls, messages, and other notifications.
  • Floating window feature for multitasking.
  • Sleep background running apps.
  • Allow touch sensitivity.
  • You can hibernate the background running apps for better performance.

Cons of Game Turbo

  • Game Turbo is built only for Xiaomi devices.
  • Do not disturb mode can sometimes block important calls and messages as well.
  • When installing the Apk file needs a manual installation.

Key features of Game Turbo

  • Optimize the device’s performance.
  • Launch any gaming app with one tap.
  • Enable do not disturb mode to block any disturbing calls and notifications.
  • Manage background running apps.
  • Monitoring the device performances in real-time.
  • Floating window feature for more ease.
  • Record the gameplay screen and take screenshots to share with your friends.
  • Try voice changers for fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Game Turbo

What is Game Turbo?

Game Turbo is an optimizer for your device when playing games. The app promises you an uninterrupted gaming experience with so many nice features included. This lets you enjoy your gameplay without the slowness and stuck of the device.

Is Game Turbo free?

Yes. You can download Game Turbo freely for your devices.

Is Game Turbo safer to use?

Yes. The app is safer to use on all your Android devices. This only optimizes the device’s performance.

Is Game Turbo legal?

Yes. There are no legal issues related to the Game Turbo.

Can I Customize features in Game Turbo for separate games?

Yes. You can. Game Turbo allows you to customize settings like touch sensitivity, touch sensitivity area, network settings, etc. for separate games.

How to install Game Turbo Apk?

  • Visit the official website for Game Turbo (or any other third-party source).
  • Locate the Download link for Game Turbo Apk.
  • Tap on the icon.
  • The Apk file will be downloaded on your device.
  • Then find the Apk file from your settings menu.
  • Install the Apk file on your device.
  • Start adding your gameplay and enjoy playing as much as you want.

Can I answer calls while playing?

Yes. Game Turbo lets you answer calls even while playing your favorite game in hands-free mode.

Can I receive messages while playing?

Yes. You can. The Floating Window feature allows you to use any app other than the gaming app. This will appear on a small screen on the game interface. Using this feature, you can keep in touch with anything important.

What are the Game Turbo versions available?

  • Game Turbo 3.0
  • Game Turbo 4.0
  • Game Turbo 5.0
  • Game Turbo 7.0

How to change the voice of the gameplay?

  • On the top of the screen swipe from left to right while playing the game.
  • Click on the icon for voice change from the popping menu.
  • Select the voice you want from a girl, woman, robot, man, or cartoon.

Final words

Game Turbo is a game optimizer for your Android mobiles and tabs. Though the app is in-built for Xiaomi devices, you can still download this nice app on your Android too. Game Turbo allows you to experience a continuous gaming experience right from your mobile without any disturbances and performance delays. This lets you enjoy your game in its optimum way by utilizing the device features in an optimum way.

Game Turbo can prevent unnecessary heating of the device and also efficient and effective resource usage for better performance. Hence, if you also want to experience smooth gameplay right at your fingertips, Game Turbo Apk is one of the best-optimizing apps you can have on your devices.